SPOTLIGHTS 12yrs-15yrs

SPOTLIGHTS 12yrs-15yrs


Similar to PRESETS. This class is catered to individuals looking for a challenge and wanting to step up their natural abilities to becoming a triple threat. If you are focused and passion driven, this class is for you!

Come explore & experience Musical Theatre and its unique performance demands. This class is designed to help students learn all of the essentials of musical theatre in a fun, creative and supportive environment. It will teach the fundamentals of using drama, song and dance to create characters and tell a story. Become a more versatile performer while studying Musical Theatre Dance incorporating Broadway styles, Vocal Performance, Diction, Theatre Techniques, Acting for the Stage, Character Development, Improvisation and Audition Techniques.


This class culminates with a showcase performance of material covered in class throughout the entire year.


-Each class is 1.5 hour.

-Term fee is based on $40.50 per class

-There are 8 weeks in our Term 2.

-BPA term dates: April 28th-June 18th