Musical Theatre:


If you are interested in becoming a triple threat, this class is for you! Come explore & experience Musical Theatre and its unique performance demands. This class is designed to help students learn all of the essentials of musical theatre in a fun, creative and supportive environment. It will teach the fundamentals of using drama, song and dance to create characters and tell a story. Become a more versatile performer while studying  Musical Theatre Dance incorporating Broadway styles,Vocal Performance, Diction, 

Theatre Techniques, Acting for the Stage, 

Character Development, Improvisation and Audition Techniques. 


It's important that students who wish to join this class to start in term 1. It is a more structured class than Acting and commitment is expected as this class culminates with an informal showcase performance of material covered in class throughout the entire year. 



This class encourages young performers to stretch their imaginations and develop their own special abilities. This is a great platform for students of varying levels and backgrounds to explore the arts, learn self-discipline, and the value of team work.


Each student will learn stage directions, improvisation, character development, and acting terms through interactive play with music, text, their voices, and their imaginations.


Through upbeat and fun voice and movement, story-telling and creative visualization the young performer will learn foundational acting techniques which will serve them well as actors and as students of the world! The skills developed in this class translate well from the stage/set to the classroom with focus on confidence, eye-contact, control over the body, use of space, cooperation and creative thinking.


From On-Camera to Theatre, understanding the basics and how to bring your “self” to every character is vital and is the true “fun” of acting.  Learn about yourself….Learn about working in the industry….but most importantly…. Learn to ACT.

Intro to Performing Arts:



Kids will have a fun, tactile and exploratory experience. The major emphasis is placed on using the imagination to create unlimited adventure.Through music, movement and active play students learn stage directions, character development and acting terms while engaging in imaginative story-telling.

Students in this age group need to be able to understand and have basic reading abilities to get the most out of the class.  We do cover script reading and memorisation.  

Individual Singing:


The skills you will learn include breath control and support, tone production and resonance, pitch control and musical intonation, proper formation of vowels and consonants as well as clarity of words, blending the various high and low ranges of a voice, the learning of songs, as well as good posture and vocal health.

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