Be apart of something extraordinary

There’s a very old superstition within the theatre to leave a light on, called “the ghost light”. It is to ensure the theatre stays alive in times of darkness.

We now need your help so we can return to the stage with our lights on. 


We now need your help so we can return to the stage and our classes with our lights on.

​I would firstly like to mention that the “we” spoken is actually just me. My name is Angela Rogers and I am the one women show behind Bellarine Performing Arts. I am the owner, director, teacher, administration, social media and marketing team and choreographer behind BPA. I started BPA the beginning of this year for the pure love and passion for the Performing Arts. My mission has been to enrich the lives of young performers and to enhance our community by providing theatre arts education and performance opportunities to children of all ages. The arts were a safe haven for me growing up. Sharing my craft with people has always be an important outlet for me and I want more than anything to be able to give the same opportunities that were available to me to every child. I knew in my heart that this was something our community needed. I was really taken back and overwhelmed by the response and interest I received in my first term. I had even higher hopes for term 2! It started off wonderfully but unfortunately, I was made to shut our doors due to COVID19.

It has not been an ideal year for anyone, especially new businesses like myself. I have been faced with having to refund and credit enrolment fees through two terms but I continue to fight with the amazing support from my students and their families right beside me. It has been such a wonderful gesture to those who have graciously "donated" their term fees during these times as well.

So, I am asking my community, my students and families and anyone who believes in what I am trying to create here and the importance of creative expression. To give if they are in a position to do so. It’s about community and belonging, and I will need that more than ever as I come out of this on the other end.

Your generous donation today will enrich our arts community and help our children find their spotlight through the Performing Arts. You will ultimately be contributing to me and my efforts to keep BPA alive. 100% of your donation will go directly to bringing in new staff, more classes, theatre and studio fees and production shows.

By helping BPA through this crazy time we can continue enriching, uplifting and providing life-changing experiences for kids in our community. To have a creative outlet where they can connect, learn and grow with like minded peers. They are the next generation of creative talent and should be nurtured, mentored and inspired. Your donations are important for making all of this happen.


Help keep theatre programs going in our community.


Our show must go on!

I thank you in advance and appreciate your support!